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List of things I tell the silences between us by Noorpriya Chawla

i) our love is not for this generation or any generation for that matter it simply doesn’t agree with the laws of the land so, every time you walk out there is a force of a greater magnitude that pulls me towards you (we defy Newton’s sciences love defies all)

ii) but when love plays stubborn a part of me tears away with you like that page of a book that holds the darkest secrets of the world (legends say – it resides in the most powerful mind but those who’ve tasted the sweeter eccentricities know better) i wonder, how often do we lose ourselves while sustaining the idea of love, we receive from others?

iii) our meetings have always been well-timed with the stock markets so for every coincidence we reignite we break another zenith (of love) and people keep wondering – when will it all come crashing.

iv) we are hopeless romantics love finds us at every corner but that doesn’t mean it stays it only means that poetry never left

v) no matter what the theatrics of astrology proclaim the universe is a fine dramatist enjoying his popcorn after another win you call it free will and i, fate – so is destiny really a place or a person?

vi) when two planets in love collide only to part ways in shatters what becomes of meteor showers after one too many – when they are no longer museum exhibits or scientific researches

vii) i have a confession to make – i like our love story tragic any other ending just wouldn’t do because happy love poems feel infinite but only between fleeting moments infinity is beautiful but when the sense of finality washes over this version of the poem you submit to its melancholia even before the line break(s) piece by piece like a lego house as you finally meet on the other side of the bridge – a transposed rendition of the person you were before isn’t that more beautiful? anyway, has happiness ever outnumbered your sad days, love? so if i want more of you i’d choose those infinities that’d linger on

viii) in a parallel multiverse Amrita and Sahir find their way to each other here she never wrote Mein Tenu Phir Milangi but that’s impossible you tell me- because i have loved you even before i knew of you just like the strokes of colours Imroz imprinted on his canvas all in the name of Amrita without ever knowing – that it would be his love in the end immortalised in her words perhaps, in this multiverse – Imroz is the poet who writes – Mein Tenu Phir Mil Leya when they finally meet again as time realises – love is the only constant (am i your Sahir or Imroz?) ix) you say i love you and i say i can’t (anymore)


Noorpriya Chawla is a poet and Writer from Delhi. You can read more of her writings on her Instagram

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