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Confessions of a Third Kind and other poems by Ramesh Dohan

The Marriage at Cana, Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen, c. 1530 - c. 1532
The Marriage at Cana, Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen

Confessions of a Third Kind

The birdcage has a doll

In it and maybe

that’s more appropriate

It never cared for

The wild black-eyed terror

Staring out

It's snowing into the tulips

The mice have left the attic

His silence still squats upstairs

And yearns my presence

The piano is asleep

Screaming of bonfires

We played your records again

In the middle of the night

I hear them groan

Lost in Commute

The sun crouched low.

When you came at last

And draped my side in shadow

My train comes late

As I abide in your shadow

The steel doors close, as we part ways

One train draws close to another

The ride is long, as I long

For the smells bound us

The mumbling stews

That spoke for two and

The basil that dried in shadow

The car is full like the distant moon

A full man paints his cheeks in drag

Beside me, the dark pane frames four eyes

Our blush applied in shadow.

Notes to Myself

Every spring night

The dreams star

more pale ghosts

Some are hotel beds

I enter And spend

forgotten nights

I mourn

a different city

The easy nights

I’d spent

In placid arms

The memories need

no Lanterns

to find me.



Ramesh Dohan hails from Canada and live in the city of Toronto. When he's not writing in his favorite café, he spends his time reading, hiking and travelling the world. His poems have previously appeared in several literary journals including Toronto Poetry Magazine (2020), Trouvaille Review (2021),

Bosphorous Review of Books (2021), Bengaluru Review, Pinecone review (2021) & Modern Literature (2022).

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