i am torn between wanting to love my life

and wanting to hate it.

an obese monkey in thailand is called uncle fat.

i saw a man crying in the rain today

and i wanted to tell him that

she’ll come back.

every restaurant doesn’t serve

good ketchup.

a friend i’ve known for seventeen years

turned out to be a bully.

cheap whiskey tastes better with good company.

my lover makes cinnamon toasts

which tastes almost, almost as good as garlic mushroom.

a lesbian i met today had eyes of a guilty pleasure.

japanese people used to think earthquakes were caused by namazu, a catfish.

backstreet boys sound better when i am high.

i bailed on my therapist.

being around people is excruciatingly painful, but on second thoughts, my nose piercing hurts more.

life seems different when you lose your capability to love.

marina chapman claims that monkeys raised her.

i want someone to hold my hand.

the last time i saw my best friend was five months ago.

giving up control feels horrible.

i attended a condolence meet and didn’t grieve about the dead man.

at night, my dreams take up half of the space in my bed.

the sun is out.

i should open my eyes.

Confessions of a Drunk Sunday

Saheen Rahman