As a child, I used to chew paper,

As an adult paper chews me

seeking an apology.

When love triangles mantled cinemas

Now I wondered if they too can be

solved by Pythagoras theorem

When I carried a grape in my chest pocket,

wondering if my burning heart

could ripen it into a resin

When I traced the world map

with a red sketch pen

wondering if Earth and Mars

would then be twins.

When I wondered if they sold

women in black polythene bags

When I intentionally left one shoe

outside the temple wanting

it to be found by a prince

I am glad, there's no cinderella today

Perhaps if there was one,

The news channels would collapse

debating whether

she is a Hindu or a Muslim.

I was neither a child

of summer, nor winter.

When I was a child,

I wondered. I wondered too much

that if fingerprints were

shadows of my fingers

Or if earth shaving her green

body hair after being stigmatized

too was deforestation.

If climate change is

universes' menstrual cycle

Or why white is never written before black?

If blindness comes out of vision or

Does the moon know

about constellations?

The signal glitches

because satellites are tired too?

A childhood left unanswered,

grew up into a question ending with a full stop.

Paper chews me