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Three poems by Soumya Bandhu

Poems by Soumya Bandhu

Winter Fog

The White Goddess

I woke up with Delhi December chill

With the golden sun shining on my chest

With my mind mended

And no thought of you or them

Just the white goddess residing where my spirit is

With my heart made straight like her Veena

And She is

Pulling on them heart strings

To play out the softest symphony

Arising out of our union

Sweeter than anything I’d ever put my lips on

I want to be as aloof as you

I want to be as white as you

I want to be as much in control as you are

A Queen of speeches so to say

Existing solely on the Earth

To understand the Earthlings

And their very many acts

Aloof but never alone

Happy in myself and my soul

As a child, my flesh and I, sensitive to the chaos around me

So much darkness that became a part of me

But I don’t want it

I won’t be controlled by my human gifts

That is my decision.

I won’t ever be moved by others

That is my resolution.

I want the light and only the light

In a world of ravens, I’d only want to be a Hamsa

Mata, ever since I found you

The war in my mind agreed on armistice

Now that I know you

I only want to know you

No swinging anyway

No quarrels

No fight

No flight

No fawns

Only you

And I

In sweet eternal union


Wabi Sabi

I think I get life now

Some days I am cheery

Others weary and teary

Some days I am happy

Others I am not

Some days I struggle

Just to go back

To that place

Where the flames fully engulfed me

And I found that will to live

The will to save that life

I didn’t know I had

And some days are just that

Some days I just am

Sitting with my demons that I tamed

With a box of my happiness fully contained

And I am looking at the night starry sky

With infinite possibilities grasped under my feet

And I am hoping and wondering

About what is and what will be

A hundred million scenarios rushing through my mind

With a single golden thread passing through them all

The Thread of Life

The Thread of Hope

The Thread of Love.


When it is dark all around

The stars and the moon are out

A million thoughts run amok

And it is time to feel the old faces that are long gone,

The faded scent of my grandfather in his blue-winged uniform

And my grandmother’s shining eyes

My being feels at peace

As the world sleeps, I am not woke but awake

In the graveyard of serotonin

Quietly sitting and atoning

The sin of the illuminating blue

As the sweet lumber of sleep snatches them away,

I am awake,

Left alone, to atone and to tame and restraint the monsters that exist only in my mind

That I made acquaintance with the shapeshifters in the dark

The ghoul, in agony, on the balcony

The bat preaching with his screeching

All unknown to others are known only to me

Our little secret, too heavy to keep

Or a personal prison as per my kin

Forever caged

And sleep

Too far a dream, I dare not be keen.


Soumya Bandhu

Written by Soumya Bandhu

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