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On Women and their Right to Dress

With the protests in Iran and supporters of Iranians voicing their anguish against the Islamic Republic, women have found their autonomy...

I wish we never run out of tomatoes

On Sunlight and Tomatoes The winter sun is forgiving today, and you are julienning the tomatoes in the kitchen. There is something in the...

How beautiful it is to go grocery shopping

1. Ode to Grocery Shopping how beautiful it is to go grocery shopping: walk past boxes of peach and plum, tumbling over one another in...

If God is anywhere, He’s in Music

If God is anywhere, He’s in Music. He must be. Perhaps a prayer then
to bring us back— to how we used to be. (Poems by Arti Jain)

I’m dying to not leave you first

Class notes my appetite expanded with him. food was his love language. the fancy juicer saw his impulsive, almost untameable hunger. i am...

My childhood is a train to Kerala

This Town at every turn a fire burns in this town crackling with old newspapers, turning pink the palms of those huddled around it i...

मन की परतों को उघाड़ती कहानियाँ

'सगबग मन' युवा कथाकार दिव्या विजय का दूसरा कहानी संग्रह है। किसी युवा के‌ लिए अपनी मूल विधा में दूसरी पुस्तक कई तरीके से उसकी परीक्षा...

A Time For Drunken Horses and The Politics of Violence, or the Philosophy of 'Anti-Education'

Bahman Ghobadi, one of the instrumental protagonists of the Iranian New Wave, seeks to foreground the violent destruction stimulated by...

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