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Feet of Mountains and other poems by Kamal Jeet Choudhary

Feet of Mountains and other poems by Kamal Jeet Choudhary

Tell me one thing Tell me one thing How do you unearth A squirrel in yourself When I am hiding a groundnut Inside the roots of my being...

God Comes With a Hairdryer / Three Poems by Anandi Kar

God Comes With a Hairdryer It's not too late to dust the leaves of the houseplants speckled with bits of chewed fingernails. Daughters...

We're children born to untameable storms

Five Poems by Tamanna Bangthai Fa(r)there You were born some good sixty years ago and I came after. A sneak peek into those years and I...

If I were you and you were me, the impossible would happen

If I were you and you were me,
the impossible would happen,
I’d declare love-war for you and never return to this emptiness every night

Murshidabadi Masons

Five Poems by Abu Siddik A Mother’s Monologue Yesterday, I gave birth to a girl, Faces around me were blackened, For they pinned hope on...

Shame and glory side by side / Three Poems by Virender Singh

The never-bending silence I called him twice/too many times, Silence. Birds singing from trees, Responding to each other. But From him,...

A Speech for A Dictator / Three Poems by Ganesh Puthur

Three Poems by Ganesh Puthur (Recipient of Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar in Malayalam language, 2023) A Speech for a Dictator One day I...

The Railway Men- The Saga Of Some People Not Losing Humanity In The Face Of Disaster 

In India, "Died" and "Killed" are two words whose meaning subtly shifts depending on who experiences them.

History is asleep historically

Four Poems by Venkatesh Emani The Tragedy of War Israel Has Chosen At Last To Take A Shot At Turning Gaza Into A Parking Lot. Come, Let...

Three poems by Soumya Bandhu

Poems by Soumya Bandhu The White Goddess I woke up with Delhi December chill With the golden sun shining on my chest With my mind mended...

Statue of Justice


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