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Pejoratives and Prayers

Pejoratives and Prayers

Three Poems by Bhairavi Ponkshe

I can hear my name slipping into silence

Three poems by Syam Sudhakar Muziris 1 The one who knows the sea unlocks a sky in the heart. 2 The old town of the rough rains that you...

A state of emergency is a constancy in every woman's life

a state of emergency
is a constancy
in every woman's life

and I'm afraid I will never know
a normal day

Two poems by Ajay Koyimuttal

Kaudi, The blanket In her last years, Nani spent All her time stitching Kaudi. She did tens of them and gave Them away to her loved ones....

Three Poems By Jahnavi Gogoi

A snake can detect an earthquake seventy-five miles away
and five days before it happens.

Being a woman politician in India: Review of Nidhi Sharma's book "She, The leader"

In 1989, Gegong Apang, the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, caused many raised eyebrows with his statement, "Should we be compelled...

From Begums to Beggars: Odyssey of Prostitution in India

How prostitution changed grounds in India can be described as a shift from Begums to Beggars.

History, Hysteria, and Horror in Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper

Women, a multifaceted group within society, are often simplistically classified as either a virtuous Mary or a rebellious Eve.

White has a curious knack of drawing out blood

Poems by Krutika Zambre Trigger Warning: Mention of violence, abuse White white Has a curious knack Of drawing out blood i. petite age...

Three Poems by Mitra Samal

The bare walls of my room from which
I have stripped our pictures
want to make peace with me.

Statue of Justice


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