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Memory of the Future and other poems by Shelly Narang

Memory of the future Four pictures, now five of them This reckoning will never be still. Who is left here to catch the laughter, Flowing...

The Old Coffin-Seller and other poems by Abu Siddik

A Dark Little Figure Her eyes are the eyes of the old man Who is going to die right now. You can scratch and draw images on her skin,...

Your love was sickeningly sour and other poems by Zinia Mitra

Your love was sickeningly sour
as you tinkled your long cocktail glasses
ice-cube cold, a slice of lemon
flavored my long skirt days

The Metaphor of The Banshees of Inisherin: Exploring the Irish History Through Fractured Friendship

Irish War of Independence was a period of gory, anarchy and tumult for Ireland. Many promising young leaders who could have brought glory...

The Final Smooch and other poems by Moumita Alam

algae have grown in open eyelids
the breasts have become the earth's timeclock
the quartz of their secretion has turned into
a moon on dark

Rooh Afza's Story of Mediocrity, Medicine and Mercy

Did you ever wonder about the journey of the scarlet red syrup that permanently sits in your kitchen and rules your heart in scorching...

Delving Deeper: A Call for Nuanced Film Criticism

Last month, on a Sunday morning, I was sipping on a cup of tea while reading 'Transcendental Style in Film,' a book by writer/director...

NaPoWriMo'23 Day 19-20: What we cannot hear / Second thoughts before deleting a photograph

My phone scoffs like Amma,
Blinks twice disbelievingly-
Are you planning to let go?
You've aged 3 years,
It's a blurred one

NaPoWriMo TTT x PoemsIndia : Explore the emotional Journey of Adulting

And just like that
In dreams & broken realities
We enter the threshold of adulthood
Waving childhood goodbye
Preserving the little child in

NaPoWriMo'23 Day 16/17: Neon Gods / I had a dream you won't understand even If I tell you

we keep bartering our faith in a mosque or a church when google shows 34,45,978 results for the word 'god'

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