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The Poet’s Crime

The Vigil’s Progress We begin with the immediate memories Grandpa’s last phone call to each one of us only to hand over the receiver to...

Everything Everywhere All At Once subverts the notions of reality and identity

Reality is fluid and can be perceived in many different ways, every person has their own reality and or maybe multiple realities but what...

Cooking as a love language

I've been told there are five love languages. Words of affirmation, Acts of Service, Time, Touch, Gifts. I
don't know where exactly my mothe

Love Lines

Can you imagine the number of people racking their brains, mustering the courage, desperately trying to tell each other what they feel,...

The Language of Film Adaptation: Anna Karenina

“A composite language by virtue of its diverse matters of expression (sequential photography, music, phonetic sound, and noise) the...

Mystiques of gender cities and Sultana’s dream 1905

by Anushri Muthusamy “The city is an organized memory, and in history, women are the forgotten” - Hannah Arendt You are given a land and...

My father placed the snapshot of my mother on the day I bled and became a woman

Snippets by my Father As a child my father dreaded earthquakes, he imagined that crevices formed out of them can be sewed into a table...

My father’s mending nursery

My father studied agriculture to never raise tomatoes in grow bags. pumpkins flowered my childhood home, springing autumn in the family well

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