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At the moment of letting go I fell facing the sky, Poems of Yang Shan-Tsun


Visons entangled with lacrimal glands

A small piece of the condensing lens

swiped from the left eye to the right

Fingers sketching each other’s outline

cannot be offset

lies inside lies

The unfinished period finally asks

if you find yourself locked

inside yourself

Would you climb against your memories

twist the pain into gyri

Let the sparks ring

Around the double helix?

Like a flying insect

Burn honey into blood

drowning in the

blossoming body tissue

Even if you can't see

in your slow breathings

under dark red eyelids

Ashes enhance

A splendid world in the slit

You found that

lights will always come

in the cage railings

yet pulls the shadow towards

the next tomorrow

A Foggy Dream

In a foggy dream

You touched the window

While a feather dropped with frost and snow

The cold fingertips grasped my sight

but not to write

I fell into a soft lavender field

looking back at the diminishing desire

As a button from a shirt

A screw that won't go into the throat

Gears are crushing flowers

The nightingale can sing no more

Gem-carved eyes filled with fear

I look through the glass on the top floor

The night has iced the chest

Then the bird is back to the nest

Feeding quivering chicks

The huge thirst still lingers in the wilderness

Beaks pecking back and forth on the dirt

but not to write.


They do not know

how much effort it takes

for someone who coughs thorns

to blow a dandelion

They do not know

After the lost kite is freed

where it shatters

At the moment of letting go

I fell facing the sky

The balloon gazing at the earth rises.


Yang Shan-Tsun is a student from National Tsing Hua University, majoring in art. She writes about her dreams, emotions and the relationship between humans and Nature. Her abstract paintings are composed of imaginary landscapes, showing the struggle and strength of life through vivid colors.

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