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Feet of Mountains and other poems by Kamal Jeet Choudhary

poems by Kamal Jeet Choudhary

Tell me one thing

Tell me one thing

How do you unearth

A squirrel in yourself

When I am hiding a groundnut

Inside the roots of my being

Tell me one thing

How come you seek

A butterfly in yourself

When it seems pathless

to explore flowers and

trace their changing colours

Tell me one thing

How do you find

a little girl within

when I want to sing

lullabies to the Earth,

cradling it in my lap

Tell me one thing

how do you discover

a cat in yourself

when the mice of my fear

race in my room

How do you stream a

brook in yourself

whenever I want to station myself

as a tree on a shore

or as a stone deep within a trench

How do you find within yourself

a bunch of axes

when inside my chest

grows thick bushes of worries

Tell me one thing

Why don't you tell me anything?

(Translated from the Hindi by Sandeep Rawat)


This time about

Spring has arrived

Carrying a gun on its shoulders

Crushing the flowers beneath its steps

This time about

cotton shall be cultivated

Not for the spinning wheel

Not for the lamp wicks

But rather for dressing the wounds.

(Translated from the Hindi by Sandeep Rawat)

Whoever made the gun

Whoever crafted the lock

also forged the key

Whoever built walls

also carved a window

Whoever drew axes

also charted journeys

Whoever formed the Earth and air

also sculpted the bird that soars

after bathing in the sunlit waters

Whoever made the gun,

what else did they devise?

(Translated from the Hindi by Shivam Tomar)

Feet of Mountains

A girl from the bustling city of elevators

whispered into the ear of the mountains

I have come not to cause explosions in your life

but to adorn you with Mehendi

Listening to this

A mountain lets go of a big rock

from its cavern

and extends its feet

The mountains were seeing human hands

for the first time, And for the first time,

someone saw the mountains' feet.

(Translated from the Hindi by Shivam Tomar)

The first book

It has scenes of farms, streets,

and canals, with mangoes

swaying from trees.

A stone is taking a beautiful flight,

while a girl is watching with anticipation,

holding salt in her hands.

One boy is climbing the tree,

and another is aiming with a slingshot.

In its sight, heads wearing crowns are appearing,

and their crowns are falling.

(Translated from the Hindi by Shivam Tomar)


Kamal Jeet Chaudhary is a Hindi poet-writer-translator. Two books of his poems have been published under the titles 'Hindi Ka Namak' and 'Duniya ka Antim Ghoshna Patra'. His poems have been featured extensively on online portals and in print. He lives in Jammu and can be reached at

Picture Credit : Kapil

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