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Write a poem everyday.

Prompts for NaPoWriMo 2024

  • Persuade your favorite book to change its title 

  • The town I grew up in does not exist

  • What I See When I Stare Long Enough Into Nothing

  • Love begins with a metaphor

  • Architecture of Loneliness

  • Animals and birds you often come across

  • Onions, potatoes and tomatoes

  • Voice of the Air

  • Casual Forgetfulness

  • Notes on Fingernails

  • A conversation between two languages

Prompts for NaPoWriMo 2023

April 1: I started something I couldn't finish

April 2: Flowers at night 

April 3: Every Dead Thing is in need of more mourning

April 4: A Poem from a woman in love

April 5: We are gift-wrapping the earth in plastic, but for whom?

April 6: Orange

April 7: Prayers walk in high heels

April 8: Haircut and Hair coloring as a reset button

April 9: I have built speed breakers in my heart

April 10: Our silence lives in the body of others

April 11: Explore the soul of your city through poetry

April 12: An ode to mispronunciations

April 13: Meeting a poet outside their poems

Prompts for NaPoWriMo 2022

  • I like melancholy, so I write in the past tense

  • I'm afraid when I don't know what I'm afraid of

  • It's too beautiful. All this beauty can be exhausting.

  • What Color Is The Rain You See?

  • Name everything for the first time

  • An ode to the Nose

  • God owns heaven but He craves the earth.

  • Buddha in a Metaverse

  • Photographs objectify: they turn an event or a person into something that can be possessed

  • Trees have no elsewhere

  • Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.

  • A Poem for your Aadhar Card

  • A litmus test of Indian Democracy

  • Where do we get our dreams from?

  • The sudden movement of objects

  • Water has memory

  • The Beginning of Possibility is not even the beginning

  • Our eyes bend what they can't see

  • A Poem for your favourite kind of flower

  • Borrowed Meanings

  • Everyone laughs. Nobody remembers why. We all have tears in our eyes.

  • Children Live in a Parallel Universe

  • Tongues of Light

  • A Conversation with your Clothes

  • A World Where News Travelled Slowly

  • Mother's Handwriting

  • Misremembered Lyrics

  • The Day I was named

  • An ode to our Vocabulary

  • You must love somebody

NaPoWriMo Guidelines and FAQs

  • Every day in April, a new poetry prompt will be added to this page.

  • Anyone can take part in Poems India NaPoWriMo 2022 by writing a poem in response to any of the prompts.

  • The attempted poem does not have to include the exact wording or phrase of the prompt, but it must be related to the prompt.

  • Attempts can be submitted using the form below. If you are on Instagram and post your attempt on your public account, you can use the hashtag #poemsindianapowrimo to have your post considered a submission.

  • Each of the prompts is valid for the next 48 hours days. For example, until the end of April 2rd, one can submit their response to the April 1st prompt.

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