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NaPoWriMo'23 Day 16/17: Neon Gods / I had a dream you won't understand even If I tell you

Our Gods have Evolved by Khatija Khan

today, we are all puppets

with our threads tied in the fingers of technology who is the superior

diety ruling the moves of this country.

but when my niece refuses to walk

to holy places in scrounging heat

and asks me why we keep bartering

our faith in a mosque or a church

when google shows 34,45,978

results for the word 'god'

i reply, how will the imam and the priest

earn a living then?

the brainy businessmen of

this country have grown to learn

that faith is the thing with fears

yet we fail to notice

the bright saffron tilaks

on the forehead of the economy

and the heavy amulets worn by

the demand supply curve

to keep going effectively and efficiently.

our gdp keeps falling on its knees

day by day and it should learn

progress from idols.

uncarved, they are mere stones.

when carved, they become god.

and i think newton's third law,

every action has an equal and opposite reaction applies here

because first god made us

and now we make god.

the act of worshipping has become

completely political.

our desires have caught us into webs

of misery and disguise.

look at a simple life resembling

grief because how can you

survive without being a consumer

within the monopolistic competition

of neon gods who have surpassed

every barricade of divinity?

so next time when you pass by a dargah,

don't wait to put money into

the charity box because god

does not visit local shrines to

get money for buying grocery.

instead, give it to the poor boy

who sleeps on the footpath,

because to him,

it will be god visiting him

to feed his empty belly.


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