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Three poems by Pradeep Saini

Pradeep Saini
Pradeep Saini

Independent Women

A lover is so enamoured

by the freedom of an independent woman

that he envisions binding her with love.

A recluse gazes upon an independent woman

with admiration and feels

remorse for his self-imposed isolation.

An adulterer regards an independent woman

as a mere statistic, recalling his scoresheet.

An art connoisseur scrutinizes an independent woman

much like a work of art,

discerning the palette of her life,

sensing a constant faint melancholy she carries,

one she never sheds.

Her heart, like a vivid crimson wildflower,

and the path to it, scattered with traces of persistent yellow sadness.

Blue is not something she wears on her back

but rather a subtle presence around her neck.

Hints of pink occasionally emerge

but mostly reside in the realm of memories,

while the wound in her soul remains perpetually green.

Society pays heed

to the discourse of the art connoisseur

and remarks,

blending their thoughts with his -

"See! How flamboyant these independent women are!"

Seeing all this, a poet aspires

to call all those women into his poem

but finds himself at a loss of words,

seeking a language

where calling a woman independent

doesn't sound like an insult.

Love Poem

Love doesn't show up in our poems

when it resides deeply rooted in our hearts

When it does,

It appears as if abandoned,

with empty hands,

always lingering with the intent to return.

What is a love poem

if not a refugee camp.


At times, I write an entire poem just to take out

that one single line pierced deep within my soul.

It feels almost the same like

to witness the flare of love

we have to go through the entire life.

Except for that one line,

I feel ashamed of the rest of my poem,

much like the remaining loveless life

seems to be ashamed of me.


Pradeep Saini is a Hindi poet whose poems have garnered attention in various magazines and online platforms. His debut poetry collection, titled "Duniya ke hone ki aawaz," has recently been published, contributing to his growing reputation. He currently resides in Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh.

These poems are translated from Hindi by Shivam Tomar.

Three Poems by Pradeep Saini

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