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God and I, go to couples therapy together

God and I, we haven’t spoken in a while, I have shut my doors on the inside.

God and I, we have unresolved issues. God and I, go to couples therapy together, I sit on the red couch And God, on a high horse.

The counsellor presumes God’s Preferred pronoun and the walls Start closing in The room turns into a casket And I knock on the coffin to let them know I’m breathing.

God and I, We are poles apart God walks on water I test the temperature before stepping in And struggle to swim in the deep seas.

God and I, try to invent and reinvent our relationship but I am not one to commit and worst of all, we have anger management issues.

God and I, We indulge in a battle of name-calling, He calls me a disbeliever, a sinner I call him a narcissist, a fraud we do not run out of words But the therapist runs out of time.


Fouzia Azrin is a spoken word poet from Mangalore

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