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It's time to Rhyme, a perfect introduction to the joys of poetry for readers of all ages.

Do you recall your first attempt at writing a poem? Did you too have merely a vague understanding of what a poem is, based on reading 'poems' in academic books, comics, and magazines? Well, this was the case for me. Before I studied the structure, forms, and dynamics of poetry, I had already created pieces in which the last two words of each couplet rhymed, and this development was the result of the creative inspiration I gained from children's books I used to read, rather than any professional poetry education.


Free-verse poetry has brought tremendous talents into the poetry field, allowing people of all ages to express themselves freely. However, children are rarely taught the forms and patterns of poetry as part of their academic curriculum. With poetic forms ranging from sonnets in iambic pentameter to limericks, acrostics, villanelles, Haiku, and Couplets, it's Time to Rhyme by Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan is an excellent book that teaches the universe of rhymes and poems in a way that will pique the interest of young, inquisitive brains. The primary aspects of learning the varied structures of poetry are lengths and metres. It may appear daunting, but Shoba Tharoor's exceptional writing style will make learning this material enjoyable and simple.

Here is a lovely couplet poem from the book :

Priya Kurian's lovely illustrations are the cherry on top. They are graphic representations of the ideas presented in this book. The Poems in the collection feature secrets and revelations, moments of determination, and the thrill of surprises, as well as children's curiosities. Throughout the book, the author has also emphasised the idea that poetry may help us find our voice, and that when it is blended into verses, it can be used to create a beautiful world of joy and harmony. It is a hobby that radically alters your creative potential and focuses on putting your thoughts and feelings on paper, and it should be valued by all ages.

This is one of the best books I've read this year and I suggest it to everyone, particularly parents and teachers and young rhymesters.


Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan is a children's author, professional voice talent, poet, and translator residing in California. She formerly worked in non-profits for two decades, utilising her words to raise funding for disability programmes. Her voice can be heard in documentaries, educational and journalistic efforts, and audiobooks in both India and the US. She has five children's books published in India by DC/Mango Books and Tulika. Indi-Alphabet was awarded a Purple Dragonfly Award for Diverse Literature in 2018 by Mango & Marigold Press (previously Bharat Babies).

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