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The Sudden Movement of the Objects, Poems from NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Thirteen

Bhuj Earthquake, Lucy Wills

Kutch, January 2001 by Farida Rangwala

A misty winter morning,

The cups filled with warmth

Waiting to be gulped,

The giggles floating in the air

Under a happy roof,

And suddenly the table turned,

The pans and pots rushed to clang,

The doors and windows creaked,

While moving back and forth,

The crockery crashed to pieces,

The chairs and tables quivered,

For the floor, they rested on,

Began to tremble,

The dreaded eyes,

Looked at the roof,

Shaking the fan and the chandelier,

The shivering hands struggled to

Hold their prayers in their clenched fists.

The ears were full,

With the thuds and screams,

Travelling from across the shuddering walls.

Within a moment,

There was a still,

The silence of havoc took over the place,

The cries were buried

Under the ruins that mourned with helplessness.

Mother Earth had hushed the life to sleep,

In the lap of destruction.


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