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Trees have no elsewhere, Poems from NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Ten

I am convinced I am a tree by Hima Cicilia

I cut the soft core of my being

into neat slices and offer them up

to the world as poems.

This is one such poem.

My only prayer is to be able to belong. Somewhere, anywhere.

Here, take this poem and chew it down

to its seed so I can grow out of you.

I am tired of all the pretentiousness

and self-consciousness of being a human

and yet, here I am, writing a self-consciously pretentious or pretentiously self-conscious poem on my need to belong.

I am convinced I am a tree

that somehow broke

its ancient pact with a god

to grow hands and feet.

Now I am destined to run the world

in the same circle, pleading with people

to bite into my aching softness

grown too ripe over time, fatigued

and yet desperate from looking for mouths

to empty my seeds into, my frail hands

aching from bearing the weights

of my earthly existence.

Here, take this poem and chew it down

to its seed and be my god, will you?

May I grow out of you

like I do not have an elsewhere

at least till you are finished with this poem.


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