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NaPoWriMo'23 Day Seven: Prayers walk in high heels

Apparently, all women become like their mothers by Antara Vashistha

Apparently, all women become like their mothers

That is a tragedy

I hoped not to live.

As a child,

I tiptoed around women

Who I thought looked like me,

Seeking inspiration from

Mothers, aunts, and sisters alike,

I imagined myself walking tall-

A rare specimen of exquisite appearance.

I was so sure

I would grow up to be


Woman like those around me.

But then,

I grew up

Hearing maxims that proclaimed

That beauty is pain,

In silence,

I leaned to cough up words and blood,

As the girl with the braces

And no pretty privilege whatsoever.

No roses would adorn my doorstep,

Nor letters were to sneak in my backpack,

I was not to be anybody's muse,

My feet would not soar high,

Unless, of course,

With some pain, some patience,

I were to pluck out more hair

Kneeling at nights

For fuller bosoms and slimmer waist,

Grades and finances enough

For fancy clothes and face wash,

My prayers walked in high heels and

White shoes,

Murdering acne spots and thinning hair,

I tiptoed like a woman

Wearing corsets like an armor,

Patient in her pain.

Apparently, all women become like their mothers.

That is a tragedy

I hope my daughter doesn't

Have to live.

Prayers that remain unanswered by Disha Mod

the prayers that remain unheard often go and bitch about god to the prayers that remain unanswered,

while the prayers that find their ultimate destiny brag about their victory. only to find that the people who made them don't even remember them anymore.

god is up there making a pros and cons list of all the prayers that reach his ears. all your red flags are accounted for in the court of faith and they say, the goodness of heart is the tie-breaker to most of them.

an 8-year-old in some part of the world is currently praying for an earthquake to avoid a math test.

will his prayers be heard sooner compared to a man solely praying out of greed? you see, the child doesn't want anyone to get hurt. he is just bad at math. and how we just silently thanked god for being able to differentiate between a good heart and stupidity.

god isn't deaf to our prayers, you know?

but sometimes the wishes we surrender to are often the nightmares we would pay to get out of.

your wish to reconnect with your inner child is a nightmare for a girl living in America who hasn't aged a day since she was four years old. puberty is a nosy neighbor who peeks in through the balcony opposite to hers but never dares to walk in.

while you sit on your couch complaining about pain being your biggest teacher, a girl out there is incapable of feeling it. a while ago, she scratched her right eye out in an attempt to feel something. just anything. pain is a group of cool kids and the nerd in her keeps staring from a distance. And while you pray to skip a few years of your life in an attempt to make it all easy, a man woke up from a coma, 19 years later only to find him closer to the verge of committing suicide.

but god works in mysterious ways you see, in some parts of Minnesota, there's a church that cured the cancer of a man whose doctors advised his family to plan his funeral.

while you make a wish for your life to end faster, god listens to the hunger of those craving for one more second.

after all, the prayers that remain unanswered

are often the ones walking in high heels in an attempt to reach god faster.


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